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Supporting a variety of cloud platforms like mbCONNECT24, AZURE, AWS and more, as well as modern communication protocols like OPC-UA and MQTT, mbEDGE transforms your mbNET into a powerful IOT gateway. With mbEDGE, your mbNET unit will acquire data locally, process it and push it to your cloud application.

Simplify IOT-EDGE Application Development with NODE-RED

Node-RED simplifies the creation of your IoT-Edge application. It is web-based and consists of a graphical user interface and a library of pre-built functions & blocks of code, called nodes. Each node, standard or user defined, manages a single functionality: send an email, perform a Modbus read, communicate with mbCONNECT24, MQTT publish/subscribe, OPC-UA,… To create your application, simply drag&drop the nodes on the design sheet, connect them following the logical flow of actions and configure them according to your application context. With Node-RED, you will acquire data, process it and post it to your preferred cloud application. The Node-RED container has access to all mbNET resources.

Docker & Containers: Running your embedded IOT-EDGE App in a secure way

Docker creates virtual workspaces (containers) for user applications and manages their access to the operating system and the system resources. The containers and their applications are isolated and can only communicate through Docker controlled mechanisms. Node-RED environment runs in such a container. With mbEDGE.advanced, you get access to a second container, running a GUI for Docker, to configure and manage containers. You also get access to three more containers, to run your own personalized applications. Docker secures deployment & distribution of these applications and only allows signed and trusted images to run in the containers.

Security by Design, from mbNET to mbEDGE

Cybersecurity is a core competence of MB connect line and our products are created according to the principles of Security by Design and the standards set forward in IEC62443. To do so, MB connect line R&D engineers are certified for secure software development (TeleTrusT’s T.I.S.P & T.P.S.S.E.). mbNET platforms are equipped with a hardware Secure Element (crypto chip) and a Secure Boot concept that allows only signed and trusted firmware to be installed and boot. All data stored in memory or on the mbEDGE card is encrypted, making it impossible to read without the key stored safely in the crypto chip.

Our Workshops


How to create customized applications with Node-RED.


mbEDGE.start inklusive*
  • Applications of mbEDGE
  • Introduction, Installation and Setup mbEDGE
  • Using mbEDGE SD Card and Key Management
  • Application programming with S7, MQTT, OPC-UA
  • Including catering & workshop documents & mbEDGE.start


149,00 €**


Would you like to get more out of your mbEDGE? This workshop is right for you!


mbEDGE.advanced inklusive*
  • Create your own Docker-Containers
  • Installation of additional Nodes
  • Generation of own User-Nodes
  • Managing Containers with
  • Including catering & workshop documents & mbEDGE.advanced
149,00 €**

*Our mbEDGE can only be purchased in conjunction with one of the offered workshops.
**All prices are exclusive of VAT at the statutory rate.


Name Item No. Short Description Node-RED Node-RED
EDG100** 1.901.000.01.00 mbEDGE.start
EDG200** 1.902.000.01.00 mbEDGE.advanced


Easy entry with our Application Notes

Setting up Dashboards

This application describes how to setup dashboards and the several visual elements that are available.

Combine S7 and MQTT

This application describes how to communicate with an S7 and display the value in a Node-RED dashboard.

Create CSV files from S7

This application describes how store values in a CSV file locally on the router and send this regularly by Email.

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