It’s official!

MB connect line is now Red Lion Europe GmbH

Roooaaaar …
From now on we are
a real lion

It’s official!
MB connect line is now Red Lion Europe GmbH as of April 2023.

What does this mean for you?
You can look forward to …

an even broader


even more


even more


with the familiar high


Rebranding Basics

What’s happening with the MB products after the name change?

You are located in Europe (outside the DACH region) or “Rest of the World”?

You will receive our Red Lion branded black devices in the future (in the transition phase we will currently deliver yellow devices).

You are located within the DACH region (Germany / Austria / Switzerland)?

You will still receive our yellow MB branded products but of course you also have access to the additional Red Lion portfolio.

Frequently asked questions

How will the rebranding of MB connect line to Red Lion benefit me?

Customers will benefit from synergies by sourcing one single brand. The rebranded products have no technical difference to the original products from MB connect line and you’ll go on to work with your known sales partner.

Will this alter how we currently do business with our partners and us?
This will not affect how you currently do business with us.
Why is the company name changed to Red Lion Europe GmbH?
We are creating our European headquarters in Dinkelsbühl and continue to integrate the two organizations from Red Lion and MB connect line. Our goal is to strengthen cross business collaboration, sales, technology transfer and co-designing in ONE team. Therefore, it makes sense that our legal name reflects the move to one common name that will be recognizable across Europe.
Will the MB connect line website or email addresses change?

There is no change to the MB website or email addresses. However, website visitors outside of the DACH region are going to be redirected in future to the Red Lion website (phase 2). You will be informed, when this will happen. The email domains remain the same but all MB connect line employees have a next to their addresses.

Will the banking info or Tax ID Number change?
Yes, our bank account numbers are changing. The Tax ID won’t change. Our legal name should be changed to Red Lion Europe GmbH in your financial and supplier systems to avoid delays.
Will existing contracts with MB connect line still be valid?

Rest assured that any existing contracts will remain intact over the course of this transition. Our legal entity remains the same, so all contracts will remain valid, until they expire or require modifications related to our common business.

When will shipping labels/delivery notes change? Will the delivery notes be dual marked?
Soon, all shipping labels, packaging, and delivery notes will reflect our new name, Red Lion Europe GmbH. The delivery note will not be dual marked, so it’s important to change MB connect line to Red Lion Europe GmbH in all of your systems. To ensure a seamless process, please inform all relevant parties within your company.
What do I have to do?

Not much. Are you curious to learn more about Red Lion products or MB products? Visit / or get in touch with your responsible contact person.

How can I order Red Lion products?

Please ask your account manager or MB connect line partner for a quote.

Where can I find more information about your name change?

Further information will follow on or contact your responsible contact person.

What about the ducks?
No need to worry, of course we’ll keep our ducks. Be curious to see what happens when a lion and a duck will fuse together. Soon we will introduce our new family member.

Don’t forget to update the new banking details.
Contact us for more information or download the Rebranding Guide underneath.

Rebranding Guide

All useful information bundled in one document.

Any questions?

Our experts will be happy to advise you and call you back immediately.

Two Brands. One Team. EN

As a strong brand of Red Lion Controls, MB connect line product line provides you with solutions for Secure Remote Access, IIoT & Industrial Security.

Together we unlock the value of data by developing and manufacturing innovative solutions to access, connect and visualize your information.

Two Brands. One Team.

Red Lion Europe GmbH

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91550 Dinkelsbühl

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