Segment networks,

solve IP address conflicts

and easy access to PLC controllers

Understandably explained!

Webinar Content

The webinar gives an overview of the most important functions of a firewall and the difference to so-called NAT gateways.

The individual advantages and settings of port forwarding, NAT, PAT and NAPT are explained in an understandable way. Various example applications are shown, such as network segmentation of machines in customer networks, avoiding IP address conflicts in machine networks and how you can easily access your control devices using NAT. Of course, security is also always taken into account. This webinar is aimed at automation engineers and IT specialists who deal with or want to deal with automation technology networks. You do not have to be a network expert!

Webinar date


May 12, 220 – 2 pm

Central European Time (CET)


Duration: 30 minutes

Moderator: Jean-Paul Verheylewegen

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