From Fieldbus safety to the cloud

The air-gap  
data DIODE

Transfer defined data to the cloud using our mbXLINK, while the field side remains 100% isolated from the outside world.


Secure your machine data effectively against theft, manipulation and sabotage. Due to its principle, the based data diode only allows communication from the plant to the cloud – the path to the plant is physically separated. Only parameterized data is transmitted to the outside. Changes to the configuration of the data diode are only possible with physical access to the device. Changes via network or Internet are excluded.

Physical Level Security

It is only possible to switch to programming mode using the key directly on the device. Only then it is possible to reconfigure the data recording on the fieldbus side.

Node-RED by default

No complex scripting required – the programming of local applications is now done graphically in the design environment of Node-RED.

Docker & Container integrated

Create your own application with direct access to all system and hardware resources and run it in your own containers. 

remarkable Features


Supports standard protocols like MQTT and OPC UA


Pre-loaded (my)mbCONNECT24 Node for easy integration


Comfortable integration in (my)mbCONNECT24

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Product versions

Type Item no. WAN LAN Fieldbus VPN*
XLH100 1x 4x MPI
XLH110 1x 4x PROFIBUS-Slave
XLH120 1x 4x Modbus/TCP (Master/Slave)



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