Start securing your production today

Secure access to the machine network

Secure and monitor any access to your machines.


Optimal security for your OT network

Manage the access control for your machine network as operator or plant constructor.

Protection of old plants

Protect older versions of devices without making changes to the network. 

IT security for OT workflows

Comply OT specific requirements without compromising IT security.


Secure IT/OT Integration

Cloud, edge and OT remote services with “Security by Design”.

Simplify machine installations

Integrate new machines into the production network easily and without address conflicts.

Security is our Promise

Simplify OT remote access management

Our compact firewall is specifically designed for OT users and workflows.

Manage connections

Check connections to machine components directly on location.

Manage user access

Manage who can access what, when, how often and how long.

Hide machine components

You have the possibility to make only NAT relevant addresses and ports visible.

Use network

Segment your network components into individual, isolated areas.

Protect sensitive devices

Isolate obsolete components from the rest of the network.


Let’s talk about some 

Hard Facts


We innovate for industrial IT security

Our innovative implementations recommended by IT security agencies make us a pioneer in industrial IT security.


Security as a teamwork

We are actively involved in the industrial security working groups at Teletrust and this has resulted in the evaluation method for IEC62443-4-2, against which we test and evaluate our product safety.


Security by Design

Our goal is to make the workflows and use cases in which our products are used as secure as possible and to consider IT security from the beginning of the development process.


Security as a process

We audit and validate R&D decisions, perform regular pen tests, track emerging threats and their impact, create systematic updates and patches we live security as a process during the whole lifetime of our products.


Security as a culture

TÜV-certified safe development training for our R&D staff, active Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) in the company IT security is rooted in our DNA.


IT security merges with OT workflows

To make IT security as invisible as possible to the OT user and a natural part of the OT workflow that is our goal.

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The plant world is remote!

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As an expert for secure remote access, IIoT and industrial security, we are committed to the highest standards in cyber security and the protection of industrial control systems.

With certifications such as IEC 62443-4-1, we are demonstrating a strong commitment to quality, security and trust in our development processes and products.

for more than 25 years.