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Easy IT/OT integration

Connect both worlds and make field data easily available.


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Production Monitoring

Follow up on production KPI’s, do benchmarking and compare installations & contexts of use.

Process Optimization

Analyze process data, identify recurring production pains and find how to address them.

Predictive Maintenance

Detect the signs of an upcoming failure and plan maintenance before it happens.

Alarms, Reports & Dashboards 

Take a first step into industrial IoT, discover new possibilities.

From Edge to Cloud

Enable your remote access router with Edge capabilities.


Create a secure infrastructure and poll field devices directly.



Hard Facts


Easy IOT Upgrade

Upgrade your Remote Access Router into an IoT Gateway and push data directly to cloud services.


Node-RED Environment

Program your edge processing graphically and create dashboards directly on the device.


MQTT, OPC UA & much more

Enable new communication methods for your systems and establish an interface for other cloud services.


Interact from anywhere

Combine mbWEB2GO with Node-RED dashboards and get instant access to your installation.


Docker/Container Environment

Create your own applications and let them run on your Remote Access Router.


Centralized management

Manage your edge devices and user access from your mbCONNECT24 account.

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The plant world is remote!

The plant world is remote!

The plant world is remote! Successful remote access solution in the field of plastic processing.Kiefel relies on solutions from MB connect line for secure remote access.For more than 60 years, KIEFEL GmbH has been a supplier of machines and systems for plastic...

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Edge IIoT-License

IOT-Upgrade for your remote Access 

Edge IIoT-License transforms your mbNET into a powerful IOT gateway. Get your data directly from your industrial router into your cloud application.

The Air-GAP Data DIODE

mbXLINK collects data from the field bus layer and brings it safely into the cloud while keeping the field side isolated from the outside world.

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As a strong brand of Red Lion Controls, MB connect line product line provides you with solutions for Secure Remote Access, IIoT & Industrial Security.

Together we unlock the value of data by developing and manufacturing innovative solutions to access, connect and visualize your information.

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