Avoid address conflicts when installing new machines

Integrating a new machine in an existing production network can yield address conflicts, making machine installation longer and more expensive. With the mbNETFIX you can simplify and shorten machine installation while preserving the internal network conventions.

Easily access devices in an isolated network segment

Accessing machines in isolated Network segments can be difficult or sometimes not possible. With the simple NAT Feature, the mbNETFIX easily forwards Adresses from the WAN to the LAN side. You just need to fill out the mapping table.

Secure new machine internal network

Industry 4.0 is about seamless data flow. No one wants that a threat, that came from a HMI, a USB stick or a PC to spread to the factory floor. The mbNETFIX will filter allowed and forbidden traffic and thus preserves communication flows, while ensuring cybersecurity.

Isolate network segments with heavy traffic

Modern machine communication protocols use a lot of broadcast communications. With the mbNETFIX, you can isolate network segments, so overhead traffic remains local and factory network bandwidth is preserved.

Secure machines already installed on the network

You might know that challenge: to raise the level of cybersecurity of existing machines without introducing a change in the network. With the mbNETFIX‘s so called bridge mode, you can do that. Just plug it in between, and traffic is controlled while no change is introduced.

Secure sensitive network components

To ensure a decent level of cybersecurity, you would need to update PLC constantly. But that would be a dramatic disruption and just not feasible. By enabling the mbNETFIX as external cybersecurity guard, you can raise the cybersecurity easily without patching the devices.



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mbNETFIX Manager Lite Software with the unique MapView – This graphical surface shows the user at a glance which connections are currently configured in the firewall and which network participants were detected.


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