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With our products we offer solutions in the areas of remote access, data monitoring and network security.
True to our principle “Security is our Promise”.

Secure Remote Access


The router designed for universal use

The ideal basis for securely connecting your machines and systems to the Internet for direct access or via our remote service portal (my)mbCONNECT24.


2-Level security industrial router

With this key you have the security level literally in your own hands. As a machine builder you will reach a new level of acceptance for remote access at your customers.

Compact size, solid value

Compact remote access router for worldwide use.

Remote Service Portal


The remote service portal

The fast usable online platform for remote access, data monitoring, alarm management, web-based visualization and IIoT applications.


Your own service portal

The private solution for remote access, data capture, alarming, web-based visualization and IIoT applications.

Industrial IoT 

mbEDGE / Edge IIoT-License

Upgrade your remote access router

Bring your data directly into the cloud via your remote access router and shorten the time needed to produce your proof of concept. We can help you implement your IIoT project.


The cloudgateway – from the fieldbus securely to the cloud

Transfer defined data to the cloud while the field side remains 100% isolated from the outside world.

Industrial Security


The automation firewall

The new industrial firewall for the automation engineer. It offers protection against attacks by segmenting the production network into manageable and logically separated units with the help of the industrial firewall.

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As an expert for secure remote access, IIoT and industrial security, we are committed to the highest standards in cyber security and the protection of industrial control systems.

With certifications such as IEC 62443-4-1, we are demonstrating a strong commitment to quality, security and trust in our development processes and products.

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