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Connection of your routers has never been so easy

Setting up a new router has never been so easy

Excellent solutions not only impress with their outstanding functionality, but also with their simple operation.

SIMPLY.connect reduces the basic configuration of industrial routers to three simple steps: Log on to the portal, scan and confirm individual router barcode. That’s it. This process was audited throughout the entire development by an external IT security service provider and classified as secure.

Secure remote access at your fingertips, even from a tablet

mbWEB2go is a simple web application for visualization and operation of production plants – also via tablet and smartphone. Individual user interfaces can be created for different requirements (e.g. operating personnel, plant managers or maintenance). These can be displayed with any standard browser – independent of the terminal device.

Secure remote monitoring, support and diagnosis has never been easier.

Secure connection, for when you need one

  • Protected VPN connection to your components
  • Supports multi-hop routing to other LAN interfaces
  • Autodiscover functions through level 2 tunneling (SearchOverIP) are available

mbDIALUP is a secure software client for establishing an encrypted connection to the machine network. Simplified, you are technically “in the same network” with your remote maintenance computer and can make changes to the PLC program or the system configuration with your programming software.

mbDIALUP can be downloaded free from our download portal.


With USBoverIP you integrate USB devices, which are available at a machine, into your remote maintenance concept. You access your USB device via the network connection as if you were locally connected.


The search for devices without an IP address is usually limited to the local network. The SEARCHoverIP function allows this even during a remote access connection. This is very helpful during the initial commissioning of controllers if they do not yet have their own IP address when delivered. Commissioning and configuration can be carried out remotely from the very beginning.

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