Can local production staff be notified when
someone is connected?
Yes, please!

It may sound like elementary politeness, it is also a matter of coordination and security: when a technician visits the factory to make an intervention on a machine, you want to signal that the machine is being worked on. Why would it be different when they operate from remote?

It is not because the intervention is made from remote that the regular security rules can happily be bypassed. We all need to help the factory IT to watch over the integrity and the security of the production network.

All MB connect line routers, mbNET.rokey, mbNET and, have the capability to notify local staff of an active remote connection. 

Typically, after local staff enabled remote access on the device, a remote user will connect to the machine. This active connection will set a digital output onboard the router, that can be cabled to a beeper, a lamp post, a display or even trigger a warning message on the machine HMI.

That feature is among the recommendations of security agencies worldwide.  It is our responsibility, as suppliers of the industry, to implement it and make remote access more compliant with best practices in IT security

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