Sarlin optimizes compressed air energy bill​ with Sarlin Balance application and MB connect line

Besides many other activities and multiple products and services on its catalogue, Sarlin, a Finnish company headquartered just a few kilometres North of Helsinki, is active in the compressed air market for over 60 years. If Sarlin sells compressors, dryers, filters and various measuring or gas generation equipment, it also sells gas delivery as a service, for all type of applications, including for medical purposes.

In the industry, for those companies using compressed air, the cost of producing it and making it available on demand is estimated, in average, to reach 10% of the total energy consumption. That is a considerable share of the total energy bill and it definitely qualifies for some savings exercise.

When Sarlin Balance was created, some 25 years ago, it was for that very purpose: to take advantage of Sarlin’s experience with real use cases, in the field, together with its customers, and do something to improve energy efficiency for compressed air. Today, hundreds of customers benefit from that accumulated experience and Sarlin Balance is available worldwide, both as a solution and as a service.

The savings generated range from 10%-30%, so an average estimation of 1%-3% of the total energy bill. The payback, after the investment in one’s own solution, comes usually after just one year. When it is a service subscription, payback is immediate.

To achieve such savings, Sarlin Balance monitors and optimizes many parameters of compressed air production and transport to the point of use. It is a permanent control and tuning, based on the customer usage profile as well as on the production equipment available.

Using its own private mymbCONNECT24 solution, Sarlin is able to offer immediate response to its customers in case of alarms, incidents or support requests. “MB connect line secure remote access solution is part of Sarlin Balance concept”, says Sami Nyman, Director at Sarlin Oy Ab, in charge of energy efficiency and compressed air. “We have contractual customers everywhere in the world and we may receive alerts anytime. It is important to be able to react quickly with the appropriate actions, so we can keep our promises and deliver the value of Sarlin Balance, day after day.”

“The flexibility and the reliability of the solution allows us to operate the installation as if we were onsite. We can check the system values, analyse the data and see what a local operator would see. We can take corrective actions instantly.”

Sami Nyman, Director at Sarlin Oy Ab

About Sarlin

Sarlin Oy Ab is a market leader in industrial compressed air, automation, and sustainable energy technology. Through its various activities, Sarlin implements, maintains and services technological solutions tailored for its customers. Sarlin staff understands the needs and the workflows of its industry customers and sees the possibilities that technology brings in developing industrial business.

The Sarlin way is to find the best suitable equipment and the ideal suppliers for each project and each use case. Sarlin team steers to find innovative solutions to solve even the greatest challenges in technological development.

Besides its activities in compressed air, energy and gas, environment and quality, the automation department of Sarlin acts as a regional distributor for the complete range of MB connect line products and solutions.

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