Reisopack improves customer value with remote services 

Established a few kilometers North of Barcelona, Reisopack offers a variety of machines for strapping & tying, pallets strapping, pallets wrapping, box handling & sealing, as well as customized solutions or solutions for complete packaging lines. The company turned to export business over twenty years ago and operates now in more than 60 countries worldwide, directly or through a network of distributors & resellers.

Packaging is a very critical part of a production process : if one obvious reason is because packaging preserves the integrity of the manufactured products through expedition, handling, storage and delivery at the point of use, another reason is that, naturally, the packaging machines operate at the end of a line. Any incident happening at that point may affect the whole production process and problems may jam their way up, creating a cascade of other difficulties across the whole factory.

With this in mind, it is no surprise that, for their factory users, Reisopack’s capability of immediate support response, through remote services, brings enormous value to their machines.

Over time, technology and innovations greatly simplified the new machines operations. Yet, the complexity of “how it works inside” also increased, resulting in more specialized competences required for installation & commissioning as for regular support & maintenance. Installations started to take longer, support calls also and engineers time on travel was rising.

At that point Reisopack selected MB connect line secure remote access solution.  

The challenge was to find a way to give knowledgeable support staff, from the head office, a direct access to the machine and its various components, at the customer site. The solution had to be both easy to handle and secure enough to meet sufficient end users’ acceptance. 

It had to be easy, because Reisopack service department needed a solution to a very practical OT problem, which they wanted to fix by themselves. If the solution were to require too much IT competences from the service engineer or from the customer, it would just not work. It had to be secure because otherwise the end users would simply not accept to have it installed on their network. Reisopack created a customer account on MB connect line’s public portal, mbCONNECT24, and installs remote access router in the control cabinet of its machines.  The solution is simple & straightforward to install & operate and, at the same time, thanks to MB connect line’s unique approach of IT security, it can stand a serious discussion with the IT at the end users. “That unique combination is precisely what we found with MB connect line”, says Ricard Mas, who manages the project at Reisopack service department, “the solution meets the highest IT security requirements, but you do not feel that you need to do something extra when you work with the solution. MB connect line really integrated IT security into the OT user’s workflow and that is very much appreciable.

For us, the MB connect line solution is especially useful now, in this time of pandemic and confinement”, he adds, “when travels and service visits are not always possible : our support & service staff can continue to help our customers, in a very timely and professional manner, even from their home office.

Ricard Mas, Project Manager for Reisopack service department

Secure remote support & service is now more and more requested by Reisopack customers, for it brings them peace of mind and the assurance that in case of an incident, their supplier’s expert staff can be at their side, anytime, at a moment’s notice.

About Reisopack

Reisopack was founded in 1992 and is specialized in the manufacturing and the installation of customized packaging, sealing & palletizing solutions. With sound competence, acquired in the field, designing tailor-made packaging lines, the company offers more than innovative solutions and state of the art machines : it is a unique packaging expertise that it shares with its customers.


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