A Hitchhiker’s Guide to EDGE-Technology

Welcome to this new white paper „From Value Chain to Value unchained – a Hitchhikers Guide to Edge Technology“. It represents the current state of work of the Interest-Group “EDGE“ of MindSphere World e.V. where our CEO Siegfried Müller is a member of.

It invites EDGE interested people, implementers and thought leaders to deal with the topic of EDGE Computing with focus on Industry 4.0. Generally comprehensible insights enable a well-founded build-up of knowledge. Characteristics of an EDGE system will be explained. The participants and their roles within the EDGE Ecosystem are defined. However, the focus is on the applicability of EDGE technology, the advantages and added value it can offer applying companies.

The whitepaper was created by a group of authors from the EDGE Interest Group. Each an expert on the subject, they bring together a variety of different perspectives. Their individual views are also reflected in the different writing styles of this whitepaper, which is explicitly not intended as a training document. Rather, the authors want to offer suggestions, motivate you to deal with the topic and give you concrete tips for getting started with EDGE Computing. As an independent and open community, MindSphere World supports companies on their digital journey. This white paper illustrates the increasingly important role of EDGE Computing.

And now have fun hitchhiking through the pages.

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