User Conference 2022 –
tradition successfully continued

On May 5, the time had finally come again: With around 40 participants from industrial automation on site at the Landhotel Rössle as well as 20 online, the first user conference started after the Covid-related break. During the one and a half days, new concepts were presented, discussed and valuable experiences were exchanged among each other.

Directly after the opening of the conference, Siegfried Müller then presented the “Advantages and applications of Edge in the automation environment” in his talk. Among other things, he explained the 12 points that characterize Edge and its necessary share in the realization of the digital transformation, for example under the aspect of availability. Further information: Whitepaper – A Hitchhiker‘s guide to EDGE-Technology

The aspects of edge were discussed in greater depth in the presentation “Data with mbEDGE via MQTT into the cloud” by Julian Feinauer, pragmatic minds. One of his key statements is based on the quote: “Start with Why” or, in other words, for the use of the generated data, a meaningful application that has actual added value for the customer must be defined in advance.

Dr. Tobias Horneber and Lukas Kienlein-Zach, evosoft, gave a presentation highlighting the Production Throughput Inspector (PTI), which – among other things, through process monitoring in real time – brings more transparency to production and thus reveals optimization potential. By means of potential analysis, for example, it is possible to detect where there are regularities in production that causally lead to disruptions in the process.

User pitches are particularly informative and therefore instructive – according to the general feeling of the attendees. For these show possible applications, some of which are new – for example, a comprehensive global solution for remote support was presented – and at the same time provide empirical values, such as the fact that “data exclusivity must be considered on a user-specific basis”. Or issues were raised, such as the importance of timestamp accuracy and how to achieve this goal. All in all, the needs of the participants were comprehensively taken into account here, as presentations by user companies took place on both Thursday and Friday.

During the workshops, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions, among others about the dedicated use of mbNetfix, as well as to discuss issues relevant to them, such as the installation of updates.

Friday morning brought further interesting insights. For one, Jens Bußjäger from Achtwerk explained why meerkats have perfect attack detection and what can be derived from it: That companies should focus on the essentials when it comes to attack detection – in other words, it’s about knowing what data is needed from the network to detect attacks. Second, he explained why using systems that are easy to implement makes sense. Holger Loos, spoke about problems of video telephony in daily practice, also under the aspect of IT/data security. His summary: If you use Zoom in the “Pro Version” and have carried out all updates, you are in good hands – due to the end-to-end encryption.

At the end of the conference, Siegfried Müller and Andreas Harner from CERT@VDE explained the protection and deployment concepts for industrial remote access. But also important recommendations on what customers need to pay attention to in terms of secure remote access – for example, that it is necessary to create an asset repository to ensure that (exactly) the valuable assets are adequately protected.

Of course, this year our user conference was again traditionally opened with the Icebreaker the evening before – this time there was an introduction to the art of beer brewing including a tasting of different types of beer – to give participants the opportunity to exchange ideas and network in a relaxed atmosphere.

Do you want to attend the next edition of our user conference? Then make a note in your calendar for May 10-12, 2023.

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